Studio IKAR

Zubr Beer

The Task:
Restyling the brand’s bison icon, updating the label (eliminating the back label and transferring the information onto the neck label), designing a new can without the additional decorative elements which overshadowed the bison figure, emphasizing the natural aspect of the product and accentuating the tradition of the Dojlidy Brewery.

The Job:
This was the second time our studio was tasked with updating the Żubr brand, following our initial work for the company back in 2009. We designed a brand new logo and ribbon, as well as created a new bison figure and introduced different plant elements. We toned down on the amount of colors and detail. Revamping the image of Poland’s second-best-selling beer brand was aimed at emphasizing its natural character and strong link to Białowieża heritage. The packaging features numerous forest elements, which are associated with the European Bison’s domain and symbolize the region’s pristine nature. After the restyling, the brand has become no 1 best selling beer in Poland.