Studio IKAR

Reggio wines

The Task:
Creating an entirely new brand of wines imported from various countries, starting with the name and finishing with the packaging for each product.

The Job:
We came up with the name Reggio, which is short, easy to remember and suggests that each wine has its own little region of origin. For red wines, white-lettered brand name is the focal point of a knurled black label, the right-upper corner of which features the flag of the country of wine’s origin and the bottom – a golden-lettered name of a particular wine. A minimalist label, with a lacquered globe element, is designed to intrigue with its name and attract with its elegant form.
The labels for the line of white wines are an inversion of the red ones. The flags of each country of origin make identifying particular wines easier and inform the customer about the span of the whole range of these products.