Studio IKAR


The Task:
Creating an original graphic design for new and existing products.

The Job:
The first step was to design a packaging for a wedge-shape curd. The illustration, set against a green background, features a familiar picturesque cottage surrounded with trees. The graphic element is contrasted by a white bottom with a banner, marking the product as a market novelty. The brand became more contemporary, while simultaneously maintaining its traditional, idyllic image.
One of the major challenges was coming up with an appropriate graphic design for a new “Twój Smak – Puszysty“ creamy cheese, offered in new containers. We created a special font for this line and combined intriguing backgrounds with special icons representing the flavours of each of the creamy cheeses, facilitating easy recognition of the products on market shelves.
Our Studio is behind over twenty different packages for the Piątnica brand. Plenty of our ideas found a strong following in the dairy market.