Studio IKAR

Perla Niepasteryzowna beer

The Task:
Creating a graphic design for a new, non-pasteurized version of Perła beer. Developing an original packaging that would differ from the ones employed for the brewery’s other products (Chmielowa, Mocna, Strong, Export).

The Job:
We created a look that associated the unpasteurized beer with the artistic trends of the early 20th century, when such beverages were common. We designed a series of four labels featuring photograph-style illustrations of brewery’s workers. The white space in the centre of each label is surrounded by a grey outline with a picture of the old Lublin Brewery. The label also features new lettering, more appropriate for its historical style. The hop cones and leaves placed next to the Lublin’s coat of arms are shown in white, so that the upper part of the label does not draw attention away from the expanded bottom.
Our customer appreciated the care we had put in preparing the illustrations of the brewers and used them in the company’s promotional materials and on billboards.