Studio IKAR

Okocim Beer

Our Studio was chosen for the task of restyling the packaging of Okocim – one of the most renowned beer brands in Poland. The task was to continue the design strategy from 2013.

We emboldened the logotype’s lettering and enlarged the shield element with its characteristic goat icon referencing the Okocim Brewery’s 70-year-old coat of arms.
We also introduced a carbon-fiber texture and a dynamic goat figure in the green area of the label, which additionally enhanced the image of the brand that is heavily involved in sponsoring sporting events.

As the Okocim brand was an official sponsor of the Polish team on Euro 2016, we prepared special packaging accompanying the event. Our design involved a victorious soccer player. The effect? Polish Representation got into the Euro 2016’s quarter-finals! It’s good to have us on your team :).