Studio IKAR

Namyslow Beer

Namysłów Brewery decided to revive the iconic Namysłów beer brand and, as our Studio has been successfully collaborating with the company since 2004, we were asked to design the new packaging. We decided to focus on emphasizing the tradition, regional character and high quality of the product. The key element of the design is a hand-painted picture of the brewery’s seat, partially located in a medieval castle, which fits in perfectly with the new, stylized, art-nouveau logotype of the beer. The label is rounded off with the brewer’s seal and a decorative background featuring floral elements.
The success of the Namysłów brand has since resulted in an expansion of the brewery into new styles of beer such as Witbier (Namysłów Białe Pszeniczne) and Irish Beer (Namysłów Ciemne Typu Irlandzkiego).