Studio IKAR

Muszynianka water

Muszynianka is one Poland’s favorite brands of natural mineral water, produced in Muszyna Resort. Our task involved updating the brand’s image, emphasizing the high quality of the product and highlighting its mountain-spring origin. The changes needed to be subtle and were to remain within the framework of the previous label. The element that was altered most significantly was the logo itself. A lighter and more contemporary lettering gives off a more positive vibe. The blood-drop shaped tail in the letter “y” suggests that the water is a source of valuable minerals, essential for a healthy body. The new label also features elegant silver elements, most noticeable of which is the mountain landscape referring to the brand’s location in the Beskidy region of Poland. In addition to the label, the structure of the packaging was also changed. The new bottle is slimmer, more elegant and its upper section sports an engraving of the iconic three mountain peaks. This way the bottle is easily recognizable without the need for an additional neck label.