Studio IKAR

Krakus cold meats

The Task:
Updating the image of the leading producer of premium cold meats in Poland.

The Job:
We developed a complete portfolio for the Krakus brand, emphasizing the premium quality of its products. In order to restyle the logotype we created a new, clearer font referring to the impressive lettering of the gothic era. The banner-like background was adjusted to fit the brand name’s new shape. We introduced two dominant colors – golden, forming the backdrop for the banner, and navy blue – characteristic of the Krakus brand. On the packaging of “kabanosy” (dried, smoked sausage), a transparent downwardly-narrowing window was adorned with a golden stamp. In its entirety the packaging has the air of an expensive necklace. Its style suggests the fin-du-siècle elegance of the turn of the 19th and 20th century. Thanks to our work the brand has became even more luxurious.