Studio IKAR

Goral Vodka

The Task:
Designing a set of gift boxes for a Slovakian premium vodka. Emphasizing the highest quality of the product destined for the American market.

The Job:
The customer needed a modern, elegant, yet simple design, which would stand out on a market shelf. We designed a packaging with an image of a bottle on the edge of a box. The air of mystery is further enhanced by presenting the bottle against a black background. Placing two gift boxes side by side reveals the entire bottle.
The logotype features a stylized red-and-black letter “o” referring to a Tatra highlander’s hat as seen from above. Another important element of the packaging, also emphasized in red, are the twin 7’s, referring to the high quality of the product. One of them symbolizes seven cycles of distillation and the other – seven cycles of filtration of the vodka inside.